What We Do...
Enhance capacity and confidence of poor and disadvantaged people to have access on essential services, particularly women and children of weaker section of the society with comprehensive health care services and sustainable development interventions with the help of all the stakeholders in the field of health and development. Our mission is reaching un-reached people with right message, right service at the right time.
  • Old Age Homes
The old age homes started by her to look after the aged people who needed shelter with love, affection, reverence and comforts. It is her wish that these aged people should live happily in the eves of their lives.

In our good old days, the children used to adore their parents and look after them with love and reverence. But in present days, most of the old people, when they become non earning members of the family or sick or really invalid are neglected and sometimes thrown out of their houses even. They become burden to their own children who forget about the good things and sacrifices of their parents towards bringing them up and settling them in their life. Nobody is bothered to know what these old people actually require in the eves of their lives. Apart from the basic needs like shelter, food etc. It is the love, affection, and a few words of caress that these people expect from their children, which are totally lacking in most of the families whether rich or poor in our modern society.
  • Orphanage
The orphanage provides for the daily necessities of food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education of seventy children, ranging in age from two to eighteen.

The orphanage receives no state funding and exists solely to help these children become independent, educated and productive members of society. The children are given the tools to advance and to live a dignified life, something they would have no hope of doing if they were left to fend for themselves on the streets of Mumbai.
  • Membership
The membership of the Association is open to Indian who completed age of 21 years who agree with the aims and objects of the Association. They shall have to abide by rules and regulations of the said society. Membership will be allowed after consideration and approval of managing committee. Managing Committee keeps the right to reject any application for membership with giving specific reason.



“Jab Hum Bacche The Toh Aapas Mein Ladte The,
Maa Meri Hai... Maa Meri Hai... Maa Meri Hai,
Aur Jab Hum Bade Huye to Aapas Mein Ladne Lage,
Maa Teri Hai... Maa Teri Hai... Maa Teri Hai,
Sach Mein Woh Bachpan Bhi Kitna Nazuk Aur Saccha Tha,
Jis Mein Maa Ke Liye Itna Pyar Tha."